Egg Drop


Ideal for surf in the 3' to 10' range. This board was designed as mid-length option for both soft, weak waves, as well as heavy, storm swell. Slight belly in the nose runs to a gently rolled flat mid section, to a slight v through the fin and off the tail.

Rails are foiled down rails with a sharp bite in the tail. Made for early entry, gliding low bottom turns, and the fastest trim of any board we make. Sit back and ease into high speed, on-rail turns. 

Recommended for surfers with more experience in the mid-length, down rail game.  2+1 fin boxes are standard, with in-shop hand made marine ply glass-on side bite option available.

Recommended dimensions:

Between 6'8" and 7'10" x 21 1/4" x 2 5/8"

Starting price $700

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