Ideal for east coast nose riding and maximum trim. I drew this line off a few early 60's Phil Edwards' style logs with one specific goal in mind: design the best all-around, classic east coast log with all the modern edge of the finest logs coming out of Cali and Aus. A slight belly throughout the hull, with a little kick in the tail for more fluid turns, and a super flat rocker up front. Available with a rounded pin tail for tighter turning or a square tail for more stable noseriding.

The most foiled 50/50 rails of any of our longboard models, all the way through the length of the board.  

Volan glass is recommended to complete the true retro style with knee and tail patchwork. Glass on fin is recommended, with the option for a fin box if you want a travel buddy.

Recommended dimensions: 

Between 9'2" and 10' x 22 1/2" x 3" - 3 1/8"

Starting price: $950

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