This baby was originally designed to replace a 30-pound, 67' Hobie I fell in love with and was riding for a couple summers. Taking notes on some of the more general aspects which seemed to coalesce into one of the dreamiest cruising logs I'd ever ridden (i.e. weight ratios and rocker adjustment from the standards used in modern longboard blanks), this model was a long time in the works. Reading as much material as I could from great shapers on the topic of noserider design and studying other 'magic' models, lead to the development of the Bronco. I have yet to paddle out with a better turning, trimming and noseriding longboard.

Gentle curving outline in the front 2/3 of the board, with pure 50/50 rails, sweeps tighter in the back 1/3 and finishes with a square or squash/diamond tail. The nose concave runs between 50 and 60" back, where the hull gently transitions to a belly in the tail. Single fin box comes standard with option of a hand-foiled glass on marine ply pivot fin.

Recommended Dimensions:

9'2"-10' x 23 1/2" x 3"-3 1/2"

Starting price $1150

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