Shape Your Own 1 Day


We're pleased to now offer 1 day board shaping workshops. In approximately 8 hours, you'll learn how to shape your own board from start to finish. Paul will guide you through each step; covering everything from identifying each tool to the fine tuning finish work and fin placement to prep your board for glassing. Whether or not you have any experience using hand or power tools, Paul will tailor each workshop to your specific desires and capabilities. Experience a greater connection to surfing and our collective surf history riding a board shaped with your own hands.


Watch and Learn


Due to the high volume of requests from customers to come to the studio and talk to Paul and learn the process of making a board, but not necessarily invest in the whole board and shaping course, we've decided to offer another option for those interested. Email us with your availability and we can set up a time for you to come by and watch the process of shaping a board. You will be provided with a list of suggested tools you'll need to tackle your next project board, as well as tips to help you shape a highly functional new board! Take notes and ask questions while you hang in the shop and watch Paul shape a board from start to finish, and then you'll be walked through the rest of the studio to check out the glassing and sanding rooms, where you can ask more questions and take more notes to aid you on your way.


About your instructor


Paul has been shaping surfboards for the past 10 years. He began his journey with wooden boards: experimenting with balsa, basswood, spruce and pine in latticed and hollow constructions. He later made the switch to the far less labor intensive (and far more marketable) polyurethane foam blank. Paul shaped boards on the side while working with a design team in Soho which specialized in hand made glass sculpture. Then in 2014, Paul launched Paul Surf in Rockaway and opened a shaping bay at Marina 59. He has been shaping at full speed ever since and has logged countless hours in the bay. He's excited to share with you the joy of shaping and riding your own board, just as has been done for so many generations.

What we cover:

  • Tools and safety equipment

  • Surfboard outline design basics

  • Surfboard volume and size basics

  • Choosing your template

  • Selecting your blank

  • Drawing and cutting outline

  • Rough shaping with the power planer

  • Rocker adjustments and volume distribution

  • Concaves, vee and roll

  • Deck foil

  • Fine shaping by hand

  • Screen rail and deck finishing

  • Fin placement(s)



Shape Your Own One Day

Short boards from 5' - 6'11" : $450 plus cost of completed board

Mid-size boards from 7' - 8'11" : $500 plus cost of completed board

Long boards from 9' - 10'6" : $550 plus cost of completed board


Watch and Learn

We are now offering the option, for those who are interested in the learning the process but not quite ready to go all in for the full shape your own class, to take a smaller step by sitting in one-on-one during a shaping session with Paul. He will talk you through each step and explain why he uses specific tools, how to achieve perfect rail bands and finish screening, etc. Take notes and see if shaping your own is something you'd like to take the plunge on!

$200 per person, Group of 3-5 $150 per person


Shoot us an email via our contact page to book a workshop

Gift certificates available for a workshop in our shop